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Expedited Service Terms

Best-in-class execution is essential to our value. Sagac operates under strict quality assurance processes. The following production timeframes are meant to set expectations as we implement projects. As always, please contact your Account Services team member or Trey, Dan and Jeri if you have questions or need expedited support.

  • Upon final approval: All projects go through last file preparation procedures, which take approximately one business day to complete (larger projects can take two business days).

  • For design email/HTML: Test message(s) scheduled within 48 hours after last file preparation procedures are complete. Style and format edits made during the test phase may take up to two business days to complete.

  • For print material: Style and format edits made after the final print file is prepared, or after the file is sent to the printer, will be completed within one business day. A new print file will be sent to the client and must have written approval before being resent to the printer.

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