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Finding Your Post-Election Purpose

With the midterm elections wrapped up, it’s time to look ahead. Making plans for the post-election period is an important part of PAC success and keeping your base updated and engaged only grows more challenging without a looming election to inspire motivation. That’s why we compiled this list, from the National Journal’s webinar, to help you set goals for the new cycle and refocus your strategy.

1. Focus on education.

Non-donors and PAC members alike forget the details of how a PAC works and what purpose it serves. The off-season is the perfect opportunity to reenergize enthusiasm for the PAC and clear up any misconceptions. You can do this by explaining with transparency how PAC contributions are disbursed, presenting the PAC as a community and showing members the value of their contributions.

2. Set long-term goals and make a plan to reach them.

Determine specific participation and receipt goals for each level of your membership base for the new year. Make sure you define clear, actionable steps to help you and your members reach your established goals. Finding new ways to get leadership involved in your fundraising efforts and inspiring engagement across all levels with tailored communication approaches are a few tactics to start with.

3. Create incentives to sustain engagement.

Don’t forget to recognize your PAC donors who showed up for you during this year’s campaigns. Giving tangible gifts or hosting special events will remind them that they are valued members of the PAC community and more than just dollar signs.

4. Provide a report analysis on how your campaign did.

After all the buildup to get members involved in the PAC during midterms, your donors will want to know the impact their dollars made. This is a good opportunity to provide a breakdown of which candidates, parties and states their dollars were distributed to, as well as the success rates of those contributions. Whether through a shorter highlight model or an in-depth report, a financial breakdown of your campaign delivers transparency and creates value to inspire future engagement.

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