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Ready for a detour?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

By Dan Ekstein

Are you running into roadblocks for engaging outside help?

We hear reasons for keeping PAC programs close to the vest all the time. Take a look at some of the most common. (Luckily, they’re easy to overcome!)

1. “It’s such a volatile time. We don’t know what we want to do yet.”

The volatile nature of the current times is an argument for leaning in rather than pulling back.

To reiterate our previous article, “The Great PAC Stress Test,” you’re built for this. When challenges arise, pivot, lean in and forge ahead!

2. “We don’t have the budget.”

Good news! You can still get it done. Look past the numbers and develop a partnership with your external and internal resources based on what you need, not a “one size fits all” approach.

Ask yourself: What’s the cost of not getting it done?

3. “We have an internal team to handle our needs.”

While your team is no doubt fantastic, keep in mind, your PAC program is not another department’s number one priority.

“We used our internal communications team to develop our PAC logo and it took them a year and a half to get it to me based on other priorities.”

– PAC Director

The above quote speaks for itself. Working with others, like Sagac, can ensure your projects get done in a faster, more efficient way. Plus, we’re trusted subject matter experts.

4. “You’re too advanced for our needs.”

Many people say they’re just not ready for a best-in-class program.

We only have one question: Why would you be happy with second best?

5. “If we hire you, what do they need me for?”

That’s the wrong question! The thing you should be asking instead is: “How can a vendor help me look better and accomplish even more?”

Our work with clients is a partnership. We don’t replace you – our team of experts works behind the scenes to provide added resources (and extra hands) so you can focus on the highest-impact activities.

Call us: 866-521-0900. We can help you break through these barriers and find a solution that works for you!

Dan Ekstein is partner and chief business development officer at Sagac Public Affairs, a national firm that provides high-impact communications, market research, fundraising, and issue advocacy solutions to hundreds of political, nonprofit and corporate organizations. Ekstein is an advocacy industry leader in the implementation of comprehensive strategies for political finance operations. The firm’s clients represent more than one-third of all federal qualified funds raised each election cycle by corporate and trade association PACs.

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