The Human Element

We are a company of influencers, achievers, thinkers and connectors. Together, we are solution geniuses. From the scientific brain to the artistic talent to the business manager, we have it all. We collaborate to create winning strategies for America's top association and corporate political organizations. And no one does it better.

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Trey Richardson

Managing Partner

Trey is a widely recognized leader in the political community as a practitioner, author and speaker on issue advocacy campaigns, fundraising and political action committees. He has influenced the direction of political finance activities throughout the U.S. for three decades. As managing partner of Sagac Public Affairs, he creates and implements finance, communications and market research solutions for America’s top political committees. Prior to founding Sagac, he led the political finance, grassroots and issue advocacy operations for the National Association of REALTORS, moving RPAC from a top-20 political committee to the largest contributor to candidates in the U.S.

Jeri Richardson

Partner & Chief Creative Officer

Jeri is an award-winning graphic designer and fine artist with 26 years of advertising and communications experience in the political market. Her image campaigns have secured 56 national Pollie Awards for political clients from Main Street to Wall Street. In addition to political action committees, she has provided designs and campaign advice for more than 100 presidential, gubernatorial and congressional campaigns.

Dan Ekstein

Partner & Chief Business Development Officer

Dan has two decades of corporate and government affairs experience in the private sector. He served as Vice President at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and director of JPMorgan Chase’s Political Action Committee. Through his corporate work, Dan designs and executes many national, civic and political engagement campaigns, expanding the public policy dialogue among corporations, policymakers and community leaders throughout the U.S.

Karma Robinson


Karma has raised more than $100 million for presidential, gubernatorial, congressional, legislative and issue campaigns since 2002. Her activities include board development, major donor groups, special events, direct mail, online marketing and PAC fundraising. Karma currently serves as a member of Sagac’s Board of Directors and acts as an advisor to the firm.

Jordan Edmund

Chief Operating Officer

Jordan has been with Sagac for more than a decade and previously led the Information Services division. He has extensive knowledge of company operations along with a wide range of political experience, including market research, micro-targeting, political finance, grassroots, database administration and technology deployment. He has worked in all levels of politics from the U.S. House of Representatives’ Office of the Clerk, to gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional campaigns.

Chad Taylor, PRC

Head of Strategy & Planning

Chad is the Head of Strategy & Planning for Sagac Public Affairs. He has over 10 years of experience in primary research, strategic consulting and data analytics. During his career, Chad has helped enterprises across an array of industries to derive meaningful, actionable insight from market research and data. His experience in implementing numerous quantitative and qualitative market research studies, objectively interpreting data and formulating analysis allows Sagac to maintain its position on the forefront of science-driven communications and fundraising efforts.

Amy Milchesky

Director of Operations

Amy is an experienced marketing professional who directs outreach activities for Sagac and its clients. She is proficient in strategy formulation and outreach initiatives on behalf of national associations, corporations, political committees and candidates. Her accomplishments include dramatic revenue growth and engagement among constituents in corporate external affairs activities.

Lori Barber

Specialty Advertising Coordinator

Lori brings 10 years of marketing and advertising sales to Sagac. In her capacity, she manages and implements specialty advertising solutions for the firm’s clientele, including the identification, procurement and delivery of incentive and promotional items for employee and membership recognition activities.

William Cobb

Production Coordinator

Will’s agency experience provides Sagac with unique skills, including production, marketing and client relations. He has led successful advertising and online marketing campaigns for professional athletes, financial institutions and numerous other clients across a vast array of industries. Will’s abilities enhance Sagac’s tradition of producing award-winning results that consistently exceed our clients’ goals.

Josh Yager

Business Development Lead

Josh brings over a decade of experience in project management from years in public service as well as the private sector. His professional knowledge and experience includes both crisis management as well as overseeing logistical and financial operations. Josh’s professional proficiency helps exemplify the Sagac ideal of getting the job done.

Abigail Hall


Abigail is a writer who uses her experience in data driven journalism and creative storytelling to craft the compelling and immersive stories of Sagac’s clients. As an award-winning writer with a life-long zeal for unique narratives, she’s passionate about creating engaging and mobilizing content for the digital age.