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Top 10 Trends Takeaways

A snapshot of the industry's most popular practices.

1. Involve your PAC Board, with an average of 22 members, in participating in setting fundraising goals and actively engaging in fundraising activities.

2. Establish a written mission statement and action plan to achieve PAC goals.

3. Utilize a multi-channel approach to communications with email as your primary tool.

4. Balance your solicitation communications, about 14 messages per year, with education components.

5. Recognize your donors with special events and public recognition.

6. Use one-on-one and peer-to-peer programs for fundraising purposes.

7. Be transparent about how your PAC makes donation distribution decisions.

8. Understand some non-donors just don’t like politics. Communicate that the PAC is non-partisan and supports the issue interests of your business or association.

9. Identify potential donors through PAC events at annual meetings.

10. Assess your PAC’s annual success through the total amount of money raised, participation rates, reach among your audience and actions taken.

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